Repaying your education loan in full

Repaying your education loan in full

You are able to repay your education loan in complete whenever you want. Uncover what you must do and what the results are when you have made your final payment.

Before you repay your education loan in complete you will need to:

  • Make sure your bank and contact account details are as much as date, and
  • get loan that is current stability.

You should check your balance and improve your details in your myIR Online Services that is secure account. The total amount shown in your myIR account is almost certainly not the balance that is final.

In the event that you earn money from income or wages

Your manager has until the 20th for the month that is following deliver these to us, so that the balance shown may perhaps not consist of your latest repayments. We have to process the re re payments before allocating them to your education loan. Once you know simply how much is deducted from your own earnings you can make use of this to operate the amount out you will need to spend.

If you are offshore

Interest shall be put into your loan once you have been offshore for 184 days or maybe more (about half a year). This begins through the after you leave New Zealand day. Write to us if you have been offshore for 6 months or maybe more so we could make yes the amount that is correct of happens to be added.

Outstanding re payments or tax statements

You should contact us if you have any outstanding payments or tax returns.

In the event that you pay within thirty day period of having your last loan stability

We are going to cancel any interest charged:

  • involving the date you received the total amount, and
  • if the re payment is born.

You need to do before we can close your loan there are some final things. Leer más